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The "Chyangra Pashmina" Trademark is registered in 41 countries including all the EU countries, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and many other countries.

Each TAG shows the “Chyangra Pashmina” Trademark. The TAG is the authentic representation of pure, genuine and finest qualities of Pashmina products of Nepal.

“Chyangra” is the name of Mountain Goat or Capra hircus in Nepalese language.

Each Tag is having a HOLOGRAM having independent serial numbers starting from 00001 onwards. In order to be able to use the “Chyangra Pashmina” Trademark Logo (Tag), we must agree to comply with very strict criteria set out in the Code of Conduct of the Govt. recognized institutions.

The Serial No. 00001 to 00100 was awarded to our company in 2011 by the Prime Minister of Nepal as a recognition of our Quality of Pashmina products being produced and exported from Nepal by us.

How to make Pashmina.