What is Pashmina: The word ‘Pashmina’ comes from the Persian word ‘Pashm’, meaning underbelly wool of mountain goats. These Pashmina goats are found only in the Himalayan region of Asia and live at an altitudes of 14,000 ft and above. The high altitude, genetic makeup and mountain diet enable the goats to grow softest, finest and warmest wool fibers. The true Pashmina wool comes from the neck and underbelly of these goats called CHYANGRA in Nepalese language

We manufacture 100% Pure Woven & Knitted Pashmina products by traditional and manual method of production and processing. We use the best qualities of Azo Free Dyes of Ciba Geigy of Switzerland.

Currently our products are exported to the elite and fashion loving clients of Italy, France, London, USA, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and through them to rest of the world.

To ensure the genuine quality of Pashmina products, the Govt. of Nepal registered "Chyangra Pashmina" as a Trademark in more than 41 countries. And each Trademark Hallmark is individually and serially numbered to identify each product produced by the Nepalese manufacturers. Due to high quality of our Pashmina products, the Hallmark Labels were FIRST awarded to our company in Nepal by the Prime Minister of Nepal in 2011.

The "Chyangra Pashmina" Trademark