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We have 3 different and separate factories viz.

  1. Weaving Factory

    We produce shawls, throws, stoles, scarves, baby blankets in this factory. We use Cashmere, Wool, Silk and other raw materials to produce different sizes and designs of the productproduction and finishings.

    All the weaving, scouring, dyeing, drying, ironing, fringing work are done by traditional manual method. Thus each product gets maximum personal care during its production and finishing.

  2. Knitting Factory

    We have manual knitting and linking machines. We use Cashmere, Wool, Silk and other raw materials to produce different sizes and designs of the products.

    We produce for infants, toddlers, babies, adult – Men and Women.

    Most of the designs are provided by our overseas clients. We develop samples for their approval before commencing production.

  3. Dyeing & Finishing

    This is our most important unit. Here we give final shape, color, finishing, feel and look to each of the products produced by our Weaving and Knitting factories. These products are checked for quality at various stages. This helps us to provide you consistent quality at all times.

    We prefer to use colors from Pantone Textile Color Book. However, you can choose and send us your own colors swatches or your any other color references.

    We use azo free dyes from Ciba Geigy of Switzerland and washing chemicals from Taiwan.

    The entire production process is manually done. Therefore, each product passes through many hands at maximum time. This also checks and balances the quality.

    Each product is stitched with a Care Label, showing the pictures of washing and ironing instructions along with the details about the composition of the raw material. We can add all the details required by you and your country in the labels. We will be happy to stitch your own labels and also use your packing materials, paper-inserts or any other promotional kits.

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